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When a regular commercial fridge or freezer just doesn’t give you the chilled storage you need, we have the perfect solution. A modular cold room.

Designed to offer maximum capacity, in a strong, durable frame these walk-in fridges and freezers are the ultimate in refrigerated storage.

What Is a Modular Cold Room?

The very nature of the term ‘modular’ implies a complete structure made up of multiple parts. Add the ‘cold room’ element and the result is a cold store built using pre-fabricated panels, held together using simple yet secure camlock systems. These ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions typically come in standard square or rectangular layouts.

Benefits of Modular Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms

  • Large capacity storage ideal for premises that hold substantial quantities of stock
  • Fridge or freezer temperature ranges
  • Built using pre-fabricated panels
  • Strong, durable and robust in tough commercial environments
  • Constructed using hygienic, food-safe materials
  • A number of standard size options available

What Sizes Can You Expect?

Although the dimension configurations available are pre-set there is still a wide range of options to choose from based on the sizes that the majority of businesses will need. With heights from 2000mm (2m) to 2400mm (2.4m) and with widths and depths ranging from 884mm to 4570mm there’s plenty of scope.

For shapes and sizes that vary from the norm, your best option is to go bespoke. Read more about Bespoke Cold Rooms.

What are Camlock Systems?

These cylindrical locks attach panels together using a latch mechanism. This latch can be rotated at least 90° via a ‘key’ which is inserted into the camlock. Camlock systems offer a safe, strong and secure method for attaching panels, making assembly (and disassembly) quick and easy.

See just how easy the camlock system makes assembly in this video by Mercatus.

Choosing Your Modular Walk-In Cold Room


Obviously, size is a primary concern. What space do you have to work with? What size room do you need to give you the capacity you require? With a full range of standard sized panels available, there’s usually a layout close, if not exactly, to the dimensions you need.

Temperature Range

With modular fridge and freezer rooms available there are options to suit every storage requirement. Fridges will typically operate at a range of 0°C to 10°C while freezers achieve temperatures between -15°C to -25°C.

Modular walk-in cold rooms and freezer rooms are manufactured with a high-density foam insulation to help maintain consistent temperatures and increase efficiency.

Integral or Remote

This area denotes the placement of the refrigeration system or motor block used to keep the room chilly.

Integrated cold roomsand integrated freezer roomshave an integral motor unit attached to the cold store either on a wall or ceiling. They are sometimes referred to as ‘plug-and-play’ units however hard wiring is strongly recommended to prevent the room from accidentally being switched off, risking the loss of high volume of stock. Installation with integral walk-in chillers is carried out more quickly than with remote units.

Modular cold rooms, flat pack & DIY chiller rooms available - FFD (1)

Remote cold roomsand remote freezer roomshave the motor unit positioned away from the main structure. The motor block is the main potential source of heat so keeping it removed from the room you’re trying to keep cold not only makes the room more efficient but also creates a cooler, more comfortable working environment. There is more work involved in installing remote refrigeration due to pipework and ducting and so installation will take longer.Modular cold rooms, flat pack & DIY chiller rooms available - FFD (2)

Internal or External

All modular cold rooms and modular freezer rooms are designed for internal positioning within the main building. If you are looking for a structure to sit outside of your premises, Foster Coldstores can sometimes offer the option of a weatherproof roof. If this doesn’t suit your requirements, you may need to look at going bespoke.

Floor or No Floor

If you’re investing in a freezer room, you have little choice here. All modular freezer rooms are fitted with a floor as standard for insulation and efficiency purposes.Modular cold rooms, flat pack & DIY chiller rooms available - FFD (3)

Modular fridges, however, offer the option. Consider the type and quality of your existing flooring – if it’s flat, smooth and in good condition, you might not need to install a floor. If taking advantage of a site survey, the engineer who attends will be able to assess your needs and advise accordingly.

Sliding or Hinged Doors

This option will not be available from all manufacturers. Where the choice is offered, consider the space you have available. Remember that while both options will give adequate access to the chiller room, sliding options which open sideways within the standard room dimensions won’t take up as much room as hinged alternatives that add extra depth when opening outwards or take up room inside if opening inwards. You may also have the choice of door placement, however, again, this is notoffered as a standard option from every manufacturer.

The Finishing Touches

While modular walk-in cold stores can operate suitably as just the basic set-up of a room with a door, it won’t give you its fullest potential. Think about optional extras and accessories such as shelving to organise your stock and make it easily accessible, lighting so that you can clearly see contents, door air or strip curtains to hold in low temperatures and prevent heat escaping when the door is open, ramps for easy access when wheeling in fully laden trolleys of stock and windows to lend a bit of natural light or alleviate the closed-in feel of the room.

Make the Right Choice with a Site Survey and Installation

It’s essential to know your exact requirements and order the right piece of kit, after all, commercial cold rooms cost a lot more than a bit of pocket change. Make sure you have precision measurements and have taken into account all elements of the intended site such as the exact size of the room, ceiling height, location of power etc.

Foster Coldstores include a free site survey with every purchase however other manufacturers will charge a fee for this service.

Modular cold rooms, flat pack & DIY chiller rooms available - FFD (4)Top Tip: We always recommend having a site survey to guarantee that the modular kit you are ordering is right for the job. You will need to pay up front when placing your order and we rely on the specifications you give to us. If your measurements are out slightly or you haven’t accounted for certain areas, you will not be able to return the equipment. The only possible option is to modify the room to suit your requirements however this can be expensive.

Installation of the cold room is optional and will be a chargeable service. This may be built into the purchase price that you see or may just be offered as an optional extra. Always check what the purchase price includes before placing your order.

All information should be available on the product page however if you are still unsure, give our sales team a ring on 01455 234776 and they’ll be happy to clarify the details.

Do Modular Cold Rooms Come with Warranty?

All modular cold rooms and modular freezer rooms are supplied with a commercial warranty. The level of cover will vary between manufacturers and also with the type of service you opt for.

When a manufacturer supplies and installs the cold room, a full parts and labour warranty is included. When a supply only service is chosen and you use an independent engineer to install the equipment, the level of warranty cover will include parts only.

Modular Cold Room Prices

The price you can expect to pay can vary greatly depending on the brand and manufacturer of the chiller, the size of the room, if it functions at fridge or freezer temperatures, whether it’s integral or remote, whether you opt for extras and if you choose to take advantage of any additional services.

You can anticipate integrated modular cold rooms to cost anywhere upwards of approx. £2500.

Remote modular cold rooms will cost upwards of approx. £6200.

How to BuyModular cold rooms, flat pack & DIY chiller rooms available - FFD (5)

Cold rooms are large pieces of kit and so it's vital to understand exactly what you need before making a purchase. Take a look at our Cold Room Buying Guide for more information.

Cold stores are purchased just like any other piece of equipment, most commonly as an upfront transaction where the total amount is paid in full. Modular walk-in’s, however, can be quite expensive depending on the configuration you opt for. For those without the necessary ready funds available, commercial leasing is an excellent option. This allows you to receive your equipment and put it to good use whilst paying off the total in manageable monthly repayments.

Read more about Commercial Leasing.

Reputable Brands and Manufacturers

We work with a number of leading cold room manufacturers including Foster, Coldkit and Mercatus to guarantee that every customer can shop with the confidence that they are receiving a quality piece of kit that can deliver professional and reliable results.

With a full range of commonly asked for sizes and a host of options, our range of modular cold rooms makes finding and shopping for the right walk-in chiller simple.

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